Asset Tracking

Track Key assets and inventory items for improved visibility and process efficiency

Vehicle Tracking

Accurate and Automated, real-time wireless identification of Vehicles

Condition Monitoring

Make changes in performance visible and implement proactive maintenance

Inventory Tracking

Real-time visibility of the location of Inventory at item, crate or pallet level

Material Tracking

Automate Processes by tracking exact location of materials and equipment in real-time

Key Verticals

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Item level RFID tracking provides accurate and up-to-date information on the flow of items through the supply chain, to the point of sale. It provides item-level management capabilities and the ability to meet the complexities of a growing Fast Moving Consumer Goods network.

Item level RFID tracking automates manual processes, enabling retailers to improve the speed and precision of receiving, matching, restocking and cycle counts.

Items are tagged at the point of manufacture and are tracked throughout the supply chain to the point of sale. The retailer is able to gain a comprehensive view of in-store inventory, reduce shrinkage and out-of-stocks.

Slash Out-of-Stocks – Cut out-of-stocks by up to 70% and make empty-handed customers a thing of the past.

End-to-end Inventory control – Follow items through their entire life-cycle, from the factory to the sales floor – and everything in between.

Cut Shrink in Half – Enable inventory accountability at every step of the supply chain and reduce shrink by 50%.

Transport & Logistics

Built in response to rapidly changing market requirements and Just-In-Time delivery pressures, Qual5’s Transport & Logistics solutions utilize RFID technology to deliver real-time visibility and control in all operational processes.

Our technology streamlines data-capture procedures and increases accuracy by eliminating error-prone manual processes. It provides real-time, up-to-date information across the entire supply chain delivering insight into a fragmented and sometimes chaotic distribution environment.

The visibility enabled with a holistic RFID strategy assists management at all stages of the supply chain from the source, to the logistics company, through distribution and finally the end customer.

From gate automation to condition monitoring to security & safety and real-time locating systems, the benefits of deployment are immediately realized from improved ROI, enhanced asset utilization and overall increased operational efficiency.

Weighbridge Automation – Automatically identify trucks at weighbridge, tying their vehicle identification data and weight measurements to increase process efficiency and transactional accuracy.

Traffic & Queue Management – Automatically control the flow of vehicles to maximize efficiency and prevent operational gridlock.

Vehicle ID – Gain visibility into who is driving which vehicles and at what time.

Gate Automation – Seamlessly manage gate operations without manual processing.

Collision Avoidance – Designed to help prevent collisions between heavy and light vehicles, an alert is generated when a truck comes within a defined range of another vehicle.

Asset Maintenance – Trucks and their associated assets (trailers, containers, returnable items and inventory) are linked to determine the identity responsible for each movement.


Qual5’s healthcare solutions provide real-time asset management, personnel tracking, proximity detection, and environmental monitoring solutions to reduce the risk and cost of providing excellent healthcare. The result is a better use of resources, less spending on equipment, and more secure and safer facilities.

Ramp’s active RFID-enabled solutions automatically capture and send real time tracking data about equipment and personnel without clogging up existing wireless networks as traditional wireless solutions do. Consequently, hospital administrators have the most up-to-date information to make better strategic decisions about asset procurement and utilisation, use of staff time and patient safety.

RFID is moving beyond an asset tracking solution and evolving into a technology that can also improve patient tracking and care.